LabVIEW Programming

My main tool for programming is LabVIEW. As a Certified LabVIEW Architect since 2004, I can design, program, integrate, and test your custom LabVIEW system. Together with your engineers, I can create a system to meet your exact specifications.

LabVIEW programming can be used to integrate National Instruments hardware and stand-alone equipment into automated testing. I’ve worked with LabVIEW on various platforms including PCs, PXI, and cRIO.

I’ve also worked with various pieces of equipment including (but not limited to):

  • National Instruments hardware (PCI- PXI- and USB-DAQ cards, Compact FieldPoint, Motion Control cards and Vision Acquisition cards)
  • PLCs (via communication protocols such as Modbus, OPC, Hostlink)
  • Agilent test equipment
  • Electroglas wafer probers
  • Janome robots
  • Watlow temperature controllers

Contact me to discuss your need for LabVIEW programming.

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